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  • How To Use A Drum Machine

    How To Use A Drum Machine

    Wassup everybody, one of thee most common questions I get is “how to use a drum machine“.  I’m always surprised by this question because it’s so general.  At the same time, I welcome it because there is no such thingRead More »
  • Make Your Own Music

    Make Your Own Music

    Sampling is an art form that I can never see myself stop doing.  It is the essence of HipHop and the foundation of the sound.  Having said that, what if you want to make your own music?  I know thisRead More »
  • Free Drum Kits

    Free Drum Kits

    Seven Free Drum Kits Wassup everybody!  JFilt coming back at ya with some quick thoughts.  I wanted to be real with you guys because that’s the kinda guy I am.  When I see the words free drum kits, my eyes automaticallyRead More »

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Featured Video

Have you ever tried interactive beatmaking where you control the outcome of a beat?  To celebrate my 100th video on youtube I decided to provide a game for you guys. Watch…

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Flawless videos. I’ve been learning to produce through Ableton (juke, beats, etc etc) and been looking to learn more about older production techniques. You’ve definitely made every single video so clear cut and straight to the point. Thanks for the lessons.
Chamere Minusone

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