Hey guys, my name is JayJay Johnson aka JFilt (Justified From Instilled Life Teachings) and this is my website.  I was born and raised in the state of Ohio, but currently living in Atlanta, Georgia.  I consider myself a student of life and experiences because these are the elements that make us who we are.  I am very passionate about music including listening and creating it.

As long as I could remember, music has always been a part of my life.  Growing up in Cleveland, I would listen to my mother play the piano since she was the minister of music at the church.  My father had a nice collection of jfilt  records in the genres of funk, jazz, and soul.  I would sneak and listen to his records while he was at work.  What’s funny is the fact that I recently confessed this to him.

By the time I was 9 years old, I was playing songs on the piano that I would either make up or mimic from the TV or radio.  It was around this time, that I took up trumpet lessons while in elementary school.  Back then, I couldn’t stand practicing and after 3 years I quit and focused on the piano.  Even though I was accustomed to hearing gospel, funk, jazz, and soul through my parents, I got heavily into hiphop while in middle and high school.  This interest came from watching the classic TV show, “Yo! MTV Raps”.  I was a huge fan of A Tribe Called QuestWuTang Clan,  Digable Planets, The Pharcyde and Dr. Dre.  There were many more, but I found myself playing the beats on the piano way before I knew about sampling.   I was able to do this because my ears developed while playing keys at church and for my high school gospel choir. LOL

Fast forward to college, I attended the University of Cincinnati and got my BFA from the College Conservatory of Music.  My major was Electronic Media focusing on audio and video production while at the same time I was becoming more of a musician.  I began giggin’ with local bands to the point where I became an in demand freelance keyboardist.  I even gave piano lessons for a while which sparked a new interest.  I loved the fact that I could show someone how to do something that I love to do.

Now I enjoy showing people or giving tips on making beats.  Most producers/beat makers start out as DJs, but I started out as a musician and this is where a different approach to making beats comes in.  I created a production company called Nusong Productions which encompasses many avenues.  One of those avenues is my Verysickbeats Youtube channel.  This is continually growing with viewers and subscribers and hopefully, howtomakeverysickbeats.com will help beat makers all around the world excel to the next level.

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