Are you interested in selling a first of its kind ebook?

Im so proud of having the opportunity to share with the world a quality ebook product.
My ebook “Essential Hip Hop Chords” is based on the idea of playing chords on a drum machine.  Most chord books are made for piano or guitar.  Never has there been one made for a drum machine until now.  I thought about the music creators who don’t play instruments, yet have the desire to play chords.  This ebook is for the beat makers of the world who want to excel to the next level.

My audience on youtube is continuing to grow and this ebook provides over 60 chords and information about:

  • How to play the same chords that real musicians play
  • Gaining a clear understanding of musical terms
  • The various possibilities of chord progressions
  • The technique so you don’t have to sample

Steps to Sell my Ebook

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  3. Make 50%!

Here are Ways to Make Money off my Ebook

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Hip hop chords ebook

If you have any questions email and I will answer every email to the best of my ability.  Peace!



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