An awesome way to learn something new is thru ebooks.  They are extremely convenient and have the ability to travel along with you without the hassle of carrying books.  Grab these great resources to assist or speed up the workflow of your beat making process.


What are Hip Hop Chords and how will they help? Many beatmakers don’t have the ability to play instruments.  They choose to use samples of musicians through vinyl, cd’s, and other forms of media.  Others may tinkle around the keyboard until they can come up with something that they like.  This can be both frustrating and time consuming.  Many producers on the other hand actually hire musicians.  READ MORE



16 pads


The year 2013 introduced “The world’s first chord ebook for a Drum Machine“. Now it’s perfect companion is available for all beatmakers to excel to even a greater level. The 16 Pad Scale Manual is here to provide a simple system to create melodies and bass lines on top of your beats. Many creators of music spend hours trying to find just the right melody to go along with a sample or chord. This can be extremely frustrating, but what many of us don’t realize is the fact that there is a science to this thing we call music. READ MORE



After the great responses from Essential HipHop Chords and The 16 Pad Scale Manual, I decided to show love to the 12 pad users.  This came as a result of those wanting to use these ebooks but only had 12 pads as in the MPC500.  Since the algorithm changes for 12 pads, the decision was made to create a similar technique for those with the  MPC 500, MPK 25, MPK 49 or any other drum machine with the 3×4 grid formation.   Instead of having to wait for both ebooks to be released one at a time, I decided to write and release these guys together since they make the perfect match. READ MORE



16 pad chords progressions16 Pad Chords & Progressions displays more advanced chords and expands more on the  “specialty”  section of Essential HipHop Chords.  This ebook sequel also continues with much more chord progressions for instant music creation.  READ MORE





chord progressionsImagine looking over the shoulder of a musician showing you exactly how to play chord progressions note for note.  Nowadays,  everyone talks about the importance of workflow.  For beat makers  who don’t know how to play keys, it can be frustrating trying to figure out what to play.  A lot of time ends up being wasted and the creative juices fall short. READ MORE


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