The purpose of this post is to share some inspirations that I have that may also inspire you.   This is just my personal opinion and I understand everyone won’t agree.  There are so many great Hip hop producers in the world so this list was challenging.  I based this list on the work of Hip hop producers not likely to be heard on commercial radio.  The other criteria for this list was to have the ability to produce in other genres, but right now we’re focusing on Hip hop.  I believe everyone on this list should have way more notoriety.  Actually, they should have the same exposure as  Kanye West, DJ Khalid, or any other high profiled Hip hop producer.  This is in no specific order of greatness, just my personal top 5 in which i’m very inspired.  So without any further or do…


This man is qualified to make the long awaited Detox Album from Dr. Dre. hip hop producers He used to be signed to Dre’s Aftermath record label as a producer, but now he’s doing his own thing.  Focus is a multi-instrumentalist with a knack for banging drums.  This cat along with others on this list is very versatile.  Proof of this can be found on his Pay Homage Mixtape.  He’s produced for big names such as Busta Rhymes, The Game, Beyonce, and more.  Definitely a favorite of mine.



hip hop producersIf you are familiar with the group Foreign Exchange, you know about this guy.  He is the musical brains of the collaboration
between himself and Phonte from Little Brother.   Nicolay never fails to make my head nod to be honest with you.  He can play various instruments and I don’t mean in just production.  This man plays live which to me shows his true talent.  If you have no idea of who i’m talking about, feel free to check out his website. One of the things I like about Nicolay is his ability to remix songs with his own style.  This is not such an easy thing to do consistently, but he gets it done!


3. Georgia Anne Muldrow

If you are a lover of funk music, you may agree with this next Hip hop producer on the list.hip hop producers  Georgia’s beats make my face turn as if someone farted.  I mean that in a good way because her style brings that west coast funk flavor dopeness.  This hip hop producer has no need to sample unless she wants to because she also plays multiple instruments.  Her work can be heard on the records of Erykah Badu, Yasiin Bey(Mos Def), her husband Dudley Perkins aka Declaime, and many more.  I’m truly inspired by her and Declaime’s union of SomeOthaShip Connect.

4. Slakah the Beatchild

hip hop producersAnother slept on Hip hop producer on this list is actually Toronto-based.  Slakah the Beatchild is a young old soul kinda guy with that underground neosoul sound.  I can never get tired of that sound in comparison to the garbage displayed on commercial radio.  Anyway, he’s also a singer/songwriter  like others previously mentioned above.  His production work can be heard on releases from the BBE label and his own site.  My advice….Check him out!


5. Tall Black Guy

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  That’s his name ladies and gentlemen, but please understand he is a BEAST! hip hop producers Even though I consider him to be extremely underrated, it’s great to see his name growing.  This Hip hop producer is one of very few who does not have a beat I don’t like.  Tall Black Guy is just that sick to me.  Drums are always knocking and his basslines never disappoint you.  The way he flips samples is so unique and innovative along with the nerve to add lushful keyboard sounds.  Just in case you think i’m exaggerating check out his production of “Spike Lee Was My Hero” by Skyzoo ft. Talib Kweli….SICK!


This is just 5 out of many more so feel free to write comments on which Hip hop producers you think should be on this list.  Let’s excel together and thanks for reading!!

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Top 5 Unsung Hip Hop Producers



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