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Hope everyone is having a great day or evening wherever you are in the world.  Anyway, I’ve come to bring you an update on my journey of music licensing.  This all came from a conversation I had with a beast of a musician/music producer Anthony Clint, Jr.  You may wanna start from the beginning to learn what this is all about just in case this is your first time reading this blog.  I believe that if you want to accomplish certain things in life, you should seek the guidance of those who have done it before you.  Clint has been a great inspiration for me and so I want to continue to pass it along.


Leave That Ego at the Door

music licensing egoTo get right down to the point when it comes to music licensing, you must humble yourself.  That means that there may be things that you may not wanna hear which can get you upset.  Instead of feeling that you know everything and that a publisher or music supervisor has no clue of what they’re talking about, just shut up and listen!  They have their positions for a reason.  It’s best to follow the direction they give you.  I mean, you ARE wanting to get your music licensed right?

I’m gonna give you an example of what recently transpired for me.  And this is the update I’ve been alluding to earlier.  I’ve been contacted by one of the publishing companies that I sent tracks to and they liked what they heard.  It’s even to the point where they want to sign me on. YAY for that!!  Now in my mind, I’m thinking that everything I sent was 100% bangin’ because of the time i spent producing this stuff.  And when I say bangin’, I mean I felt my beats didn’t need ANY changes whatsoever.   I was dead WRONG!!  Man, I was given these little things like, turn this down, take that sound out, ect.. Now an arrogant dude would be like, “man you tripping” and a possible FOH.  However, knowing that i’m a rookie at this, I decided to listen to everything that was said to me regarding the tracks. Long story short, I’m currently waiting on a contract.

So the moral of the story is when it comes to music licensing, don’t be too big headed enough not to pay attention with an open mind.  Remember, the folks that are responsible for getting your music licensed actually know what the hell they’re talking about LOL. Anyway, keep working and I will keep you guys updated. As always, feel free to comment below any thoughts or questions.  Thanks for reading.  Check out Previous Week

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How To License Your Music Case Study Part 8



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