One of the frustrating things about making beats is either digging for samples which can be very timely or chopping sounds.  Chopping is actually fun, but gets tedious especially if you don’t know what to do with the chop or the loop of a piece of music.  Then you have to worry about figuring out the keys and tempos to everything.  The point of sample packs or sound kits is to take that burden away by providing shortcuts.  The shortcuts in these kits aren’t your ordinary cheesy sound libraries tho.  These are honestly very sick!

VerySickKeys 1

sample libraryAfter months of designing, it’s finally here guys.  My first official sample library ever!  I wanted to cater to those looking for a true organic soulful sound versus all the synthetic stuff that’s out now.  I sat down at my fender rhodes and spent many hours composing keyboard loops that could be used for your beats.  The idea came from my observation of the many comments that I get from my youtube page about wishing that they could play keys. READ MORE

VerySickKeys 2

sample libraryIt’s been requested and now the sample library sequel is here.   While the original VerySickKeys focused mainly on loops, the second edition is based around 1shot chords.  Among us beatmakers I notice that it isn’t enough to just find rare loops, so we like to chop them up.  We like to really dissect samples to the point of single chords for the ultimate manipulation of a beat.  I basically wanted to take away some of the dirty work for you with READ MORE

VerySickKeys 3

sample pack verysickkeys3We are proud to present the 3rd installment of the VerySickKeys series of sample packs. VerySickKeys Vol. 1 mainly focused on loops while VerySickKeys Vol. 2 comprised of 1 shot samples. VerySickKeys Vol. 3 aims to combine the two into the ultimate keyboard sample pack for your music productions. READ MORE



sample libraryIm excited to present to you the next sample library as part of this site’s collection.  This time around I thought about beatmakers who may want some assistance with the bass line.   In my personal opinion, no very sick beat is truly complete without a bassline.   For some, the dilemma may be in the amount of time it takes to dig and find a dope bassline loop for your beat. READ MORE


sample libraryOk guys we have covered keys and bass, but now it’s time to bring drums to the mix.   This site is pleased to present the VerySickDrums Sample Library.  This is the 4th kit of the collection and is sure to please.  In general,  i’ve noticed that most kits cater to that “commercial sound”.  That’s all good, but isn’t that one of the reasons why the majority of music you may hear on the radio sounds alike? READ MORE

VerySickWavs Vol. 1

sample libraryIf you are looking for samples without drums, this sample pack is for you!  The 5th installment of the verysick kits family is here with VerySickWavs Vol. 1.  As a beatmaker who likes to sample, it can get frustrating when I come across those gems that I can’t use because the drums are in the way.  Sure there are techniques to filter them out (like in this video), but sometimes that’s just not satisfactory. READ MORE

VerySickWavs Vol. 2

sample libraryIf you are looking for samples without drums, this sample pack is for you!  The 6th installment of the verysick kits family is here with VerySickWavs Vol. 2.  While the first version is more laid back, this one goes into more electronic territories. . READ MORE




very sick rhodesEnter the 8th Sample Pack of the Very Sick Kits Series!  I proudly present Very Sick Rhodes! If you know anything about me, you know that I love the fender rhodes sound. READ MORE

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