dilla techniques

J Dilla Techniques

Back in Feburary which is considered DillaMonth for all the Dillaheads out there, I decided to do another tribute on my youtube channel.  This video was me creating a Dilla inspired beat.  Prior to that vid I demonstrated a technique inspired from the legend we all look up to.  Little to my knowledge did I realize how much love that video received so I went ahead and put together an entire series.

This is a series of J Dilla techniques that can be applied to your beat making process.  Keep in mind that these are only concepts based off of studying and tireless listening of the legendary James J Dilla Yancey aka Jay Dee aka Dilla Dawg! Hopefully you can apply these tips to whatever weapon of choice you decide to use whether it be hardware, software, ect.   These vids are demonstrated on my MPC 2000xl.Thanks for watching and PEACE!!

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Top 10 Dilla Techniques



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