verysickdrums sample packOk guys we have covered keys and bass, but now it’s time to bring drums to the mix.   This site is pleased to present the VerySickDrums Sample Library.  This is the 4th kit of the collection and is sure to please.  In general,  i’ve noticed that most kits cater to that “commercial sound”.  That’s all good, but isn’t that one of the reasons why the majority of music you may hear on the radio sounds alike?  This kit is for those that are into the less popular underground organic, raw sound.  But keep in mind, less popular does NOT mean less quality and “commercial” doesn’t mean better.   Some of you may have super clean drums, but why not add some dirt and grit to your life, LOL.  For this price, you will definitely not be disappointed with everything it comes with.  Have fun and enjoy!!





  • 536 total audio files in 16-bit/44 WAV format
  • Categorized by folders including Kicks, Snares, HiHats, Claps, Rims/Snaps, Cymbals/Toms, Percussion, SFX
  • Drum sound combinations of Kick, Snare, Hihat great for faster beat making
  • Bonus folder of 10 original soulful samples all BPM labeled
  • All sounds processed through the classic MPC2000xl for added warmth and grit
  • Compatible with any hardware/software system that uses WAV formatting


sample library

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