verysickkeys2 sample packIt’s been requested and now the sample library sequel is here.   While the original VerySickKeys focused mainly on loops, the second edition is based around 1shot chords.  Among us beatmakers I notice that it isn’t enough to just find rare loops, so we like to chop them up.  We like to really dissect samples to the point of single chords for the ultimate manipulation of a beat.  I basically wanted to take away some of the dirty work for you with this particular sample library.  Those who want to cut down the time it takes to dig for records just to spend more time in chopping away can use this kit as a useful shortcut.  This way all you have to do is put the pieces together in your own way with endless possibilities.  So keep making those very sick beats and have fun! (Click here to Purchase)



  • 210 total audio files in 16-bit/44 WAV format
  • 100 1shots broken down by chords -minor, major, dominant, diminished, and suspended
  • 100 random fender rhodes samples broken down by effects- chorus, distortion, phaser, tremolo, and wahwah
  • Sounds include fender rhodes, harp, warm pad, vibes and bass
  • All sounds are royalty free
  • No clearance necessary
  • All sounds processed through the classic MPC2000xl
  • All sounds are key labeled
  • Compatible with any hardware/software system that uses WAV formatting
  • Includes Bonus of 5 Bass loops and 5 Keyboard loops labeled with BPM and key


VSK2 demo



sample library



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